A Cup of Tea. A Connection to Nature and to Your Health.

We are a group of energetic young entrepreneurs and botanical enthusiasts who believe that a deep ancestral harmony exists between wild nature and humans. Our ancestors regarded wild nature both as food source and pharmacy and passed their valuable herbal knowledge to future generations. Because of their power, herbs were often believed to be a window to a sacred world.

We founded the company on the idea that we can truly offer authentic wellness experiences by ethically sourcing herbal teas from the wild. Our process and quality controls are designed to preserve the integrity of our wild herbs and the environment. We are also committed to make a positive economic impact on people and communities where we source our products by fairly compensating our collectors.

Our Vision

Help Improve Millions of Lives

Our Mision

Bring the Best Quality Wild Sourced Herbal Teas on the Market


Celebrating the Herbal Remedies of My Youth

“I was born in Romania and grew up in a remote village in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. As a kid, the forests were my playground and my classroom. I used to go fly fishing and collect wild berries from the wild. When I was growing up, everyone drank herbal teas. The elders in every village had their traditional herbal formulations to help relieve effects of occasional colds, flu, aches and to promote relaxation and inner harmony.* I wanted to share the herbs of my childhood to the United States. While at the same time, I am honored that Wild Bliss Organics can offer people a means to earn their livelihood in our beloved mountain home.”

— Sabin Farcas, Co-Founder


The Values that Guide Everything We Do

We’re the Real Deal

Our herbs are wild and organic. Honest. They’re hand-picked at just the right time to guarantee maximum potency. Then they’re tested and air dried under controlled, plant-specific technical protocols, and immediately air sealed packed.

We Value our People

We honor honesty and transparency with our customers, collectors, local communities, and retail partners. We all share the common purpose of living a better life in harmony with nature.

We Honor the Environment

We are committed to the environment and ensuring our herbs will continue to grow abundantly. USDA Organic Certification means collection areas are clearly defined, and collection practices must promote the stability of the plant population or the ecosystem. Any seeds resulting from drying and processing are returned to the area they were collected. We want to make sure our favorite herbs continue to grow in abundance in the wild.

We Believe in Making a Positive Impact

We value our collectors. Because there is no middle man in our value chain, we pay our collectors higher wages and receive higher quality work in return. The immediate impact is helping people in their communities while protecting the environment. We also believe our success will inspire other industry players to adopt higher standards.


Sabin Farcas


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