Our Difference

Pure Source. Rigorous Process. Powerful Herbs.

Our herbs are carefully selected from a single source—the pristine wild regions of the Carpathian Mountains – where they’re carefully dried and airtight packed to preserve their freshness and potency.

To further ensure high medicinal value, our herbs are independently tested against a highly sought standard of quality that very few companies can claim – Pharmacopoeia.

Put on the kettle and get ready to enjoy a refreshing, natural flavor with all the right amounts of beneficial compounds.

Cultivated by the Elements

The herbs in our teas are picked by hand in the remote parts of primeval forests in the Carpathian Mountains. These herbs are more than organic; they’re wild—cultivated by Mother Nature herself. As the herbs thrive in the harsh winters and warm summers and outlast predators, they develop complex defense mechanisms that can’t be duplicated in a cultivated environment. These naturally developed phytonutrients work deep inside your body.

Certified with the Good Stuff

USDA Organic Certification means your herbal tea is free of pesticides and impurities. We strictly follow Organic Wildcrafting Guidelines that preserve the herb integrity and help maintain the environment for future generations. We partnered with Ecocert – a recognized third party certifier – to regularly inspect our collection centers and processing facility. We take pride in meeting and exceeding their rigorous expectations to deliver excellent quality.

We Own all Aspects of Our Business to Guarantee Quality

We own and control every part of our business—from collection, drying, processing and packaging. We work one-on-one with our collectors whom we train ourselves identification criteria and wild collection best practices. Each herb is dried according to specific protocols designed to preserve its phytochemical profile. Yes, we obsess over every detail; you can taste the difference.