Our Difference

Pure Source. Rigorous Process. Powerful Herbs.

Wild Bliss herbal tea is made with herbs that are carefully handpicked from the pristine wild meadows of Carpathian Mountains. Then, they are quickly air dried and packed at the source to preserve their freshness and botanical qualities.

We go beyond just organic. At every step, we strive to deliver herbs with pharmacopoeia potency – the gold standard in herbal quality. It means the natural benefits are ready for you to infuse and enjoy.

Put the kettle on and get ready to enjoy a refreshing, natural flavor with just the right amount of beneficial compounds.

Wild Natural Selection

The Wild Carpathian Mountain Region of Romania boasts vast primeval forests, bio-diverse meadows, and lush valleys, providing the perfect natural habitat for our herbs to thrive. These herbs are more than just organic; they’re wild, cultivated by Mother Nature herself. As wild herbs adapt to harsh winters and hot summers, and outlast predators, they develop complex defense mechanisms that cannot be replicated in a cultivated environment. These naturally developed compounds work deep inside your body to balance, purify and restore.

Certified with the Good Stuff

By obtaining the USDA Organic Certification, we ensure that your herbal tea free from harmful contaminants, and the production process is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. The Organic Wildcrafting Guidelines enable us to preserve the integrity of the herbs and safeguard the environment for generations to come. To achieve this, we have partnered with Ecocert, a reputable third-party certifier, who regularly inspects our collection centers and processing facility. We take pride in exceeding their rigorous expectations and delivering excellent quality.

Extended Nature-Loving Family

We fully invest ourselves in every aspect of our business, from collecting and drying to processing and packaging. Through close collaboration with our collectors, we provide proper training in identifying and collecting wild plants. We handle and dry each herb according to specific protocols that preserve its unique botanical properties. Our focus on the finest details ensures that you’ll enjoy a truly authentic herbal tea experience.