Quality is Infused in Every Step

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality herbal teas. At every step, we put forth more effort to make sure your tea is powerful and pure.

We Verify Herb Identity

We make sure that our local collectors have knowledge and experience in identifying native plants. We also perform a macroscopic and microscopic analysis to confirm plant identity immediately after harvesting.

The Herbs are Dried for Optimal Potency

We dry our herbs in less than 24 hours using proprietary technology to greatly reduce enzymatic degradation and eliminate any chance of mold formation. In contrast, most wellness tea processors dry herbs in the shade over a period of 5 to 7 days. While this method is less expensive, the results are less consistent and herbal medicinal properties could be compromised. We then cut and sift our herbs for uniformity.

We Test to Ensure Strength and Purity

Once dried, we conduct in house and independent tests to ensure you get the right amount of beneficial compounds. We also test for purity so your tea is free of molds, foreign matter or heavy metals.

Packaged for Freshness

We strive to minimize the time from collection to packaging to lock in freshness and botanical potency. Airtight bags help slow the oxidation process that occurs naturally until the bag is opened by you.